Vigo rises as one of the leading European healthcare innovators in 2019

Vigo rises

This year, one-third of the EIT Health flagship stories approved by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) comes from InnoStars – Central, Eastern and Southern European regions, also known as the “moderate innovators”. The regions are growing rapidly, and it is evident that they have become the birthplace to some of the most successful, innovative projects that are on their way to transform European healthcare ecosystems. Vigo rises as one of them. A start-up from Latvia that allows patients worldwide to access stroke therapy digitally at the comfort and safety of their home. That is more important today than ever, in the changing world due to COVID-19.

How have the InnoStars regions proven themselves in the European healthcare systems?

“I think it is no longer a matter of opinion. InnoStars and EIT Health RIS have caught up and become a genuine pillar of innovation in healthcare, and this is an objective fact to be reckoned with. I am delighted about the EIT recognition of Success Stories and Innovations in Action. Obviously, there is still room for improvement, and a lot of challenges remain unsolved. Yet, the 2019 Success Stories EIT recognition is a testament to the tremendous work of our Partners, EIT Health Hubs as well as a range of innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, academics, and healthcare professionals,” said Mikołaj Gurdała, EIT Health InnoStars Manager.

EIT proudly approved 9 Success Stories from InnoStars and EIT Health RIS countries for 2019. It stands for 33% of all accepted stories coming from EIT Health. Vigo rises among them, as EIT writes about Kristaps Krafte/Vigo: “A graduate of EIT labelled programme MSc Innovation in Health Care at Copenhagen Business School and a co-founder of Vigo. The start-up is developing digital therapy for stroke recovery using evidence-based tools and artificial intelligence.”

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