Vigo app – assistant and emotional support. Interview with Vigo user Vilis

Vigo app

A stroke usually comes unexpectedly, and in most cases, we cannot predict if or when it will occur. Unfortunately, this happened to Vilis as well. Four years ago, he unexpectedly experienced a stroke, which changed his everyday life for a significant time. Impaired coordination and gait were the notable effects he had to deal with. However, the rehabilitation course at the Vidzeme Rehabilitation Center and the Vigo app helped him recover and return to full-fledged daily activities. Read on to learn more about Will’s experience with Vigo and its role in his recovery.

How long have you used the Vigo app?

One year and six months.

How did you find out about Vigo?

My granddaughter told me about the Vigo app. At first, I was a little skeptical and doubted that something like this could work. It seemed something new and unknown.

Which app features did you like the best and find most useful?

When I started using Vigo, a stroke had already happened to me long ago, so the educational information was most helpful. Not only for me but also for my family members. We could talk for hours during dinner about what’s new in the app. With Vigo’s help, I could finally talk through feelings that took me on the day of the stroke and after that. It gave me relief and helped me accept what was happening.

I was afraid to leave the house for a long time, but with the help and suggestions of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), I dared to go to the store for the first time in a while. Every suggestion seemed very helpful. The other thing that seemed very valuable was the physiotherapy exercises, especially with specialist Guna. It felt like I wasn’t alone, and it was nice to hear comments on how to do the exercises correctly.

How did you manage to adapt to using Vigo on a tablet? Did it cause any difficulties?

Although the Vigo app was new to me, I’m not against technology and was eager to learn it. However, my granddaughter helped a lot in the first days. She patiently explained everything to me and also exercised with me. In everyday use, everything was understandable, but from time to time, the help of loved ones came in handy.

How do you rate your achieved results? Did the Vigo app help you make any noticeable progress in your recovery?

I would rate the recovery process very well. The Vigo app helped me improve my movements and do various household chores more efficiently, which I also learned much about in the program. I also feel that my memory has improved, and I can pronounce words more clearly.

How would you rate the Vigo app in general? Would you recommend it to others who have had a stroke?

Yes, I would recommend it to others! However, I think it would primarily benefit people with difficulties getting to their rehabilitation specialist.

If you or your loved one has experienced a stroke and want to know more about digital rehabilitation and the Vigo app, go to our website and learn more!