Advisory Board

The opportunity for stroke victims and their families to participate in the development and modification of the Vigo app


The advisory board is involved in the development of various digital therapy features, such as:
  • the evaluation of screen design and the app’s functionality to meet user requirements;
  • the development of content and functions based on user needs and expectations;
  • the testing of new functions.

Target audience

We invite everyone to join who has had a personal encounter with a stroke or has been a caregiver or relative of a stroke victim.


Application and participation in the institution is voluntary and without obligation. Activities are carried out remotely requiring up to 2 hours a month, dependent on the participant’s wishes and abilities. 

Ask and apply

If you are interested in offering your opinion and experience and being involved in the development of an innovative digital therapy app, please contact us!

Lonija Kazlauska
Community Engagement Manager