5 books to read after experiencing a stroke

books post stroke

In most cases, the first informative aid that family and the stroke survivor themselves use is Google or another search engine, however we also recommend reading these inspiring and educating books. These books will help you understand the psychological and neurological side effects that a disease may cause, the path of the recovery process, as well as unveal the difficulties and hardships other stroke survivors undergo. Some of them are personal stories from patients, others are research results and collections from medical doctors and scientists that can help understand the dynamics of stroke recovery process.

1. Jean-Dominique Bauby “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”

In December 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby, the 43-year-old editor of French Elle, suffered a massive stroke that left him permanently paralyzed, a victim of “locked in syndrome.” Once known for his gregariousness and wit, Bauby now finds himself imprisoned in an inert body, able to communicate only by blinking his left eye. With the help of his assistant, he begins writing – blinking once as a “yes”, and blinking twice as a “no”, choosing letters and making up sentences in such manner. He succeeds in writing an eloquent memoir, full of his vivid imagination and wit, bringing him places he wishes to be and experience, including detailed nuances of gourmet eating while in reality being fed through a tube. This triumphant book lets us witness an irrepressible spirit that is physically locked in and paralysed, yet flies wildy in his spirit and imagination.

Available: Online, in bookstores, etc.

2. Norman Doidge “The brain that changes itself”

Norman Doidge is an American neuroscientist who has researched brain activity for prolonged amounts of time, especially the phenomenon of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and create new neurone pathways while replacing old ones. In the book you will find collections of research from several scientists and discoveries that have changed our understanding about brain function and its ability to recover. We recommend this book both for stroke survivors and their loved ones – it might assist with making informed decisions regarding stroke rehabilitation process.

Available: Online, in book stores and libraries

3. Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D, “My stroke of insight”

This international bestseller chronicles how a brain scientist’s own stroke led to enlightenment. On the morning of December 10, 1996, Jill Bolte Taylor, a thirty-seven-year-old Harvard-trained brain scientist, experienced a massive stroke when a blood vessel exploded in the left side of her brain. A neuroanatomist by profession, she observed her own mind completely deteriorate to the point that she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life, all within the space of four brief hours. In My Stroke of Insight, Taylor shares her unique perspective on the brain and its capacity for recovery, and the sense of profound understanding she gained from this unusual and inspiring voyage out of the abyss of a wounded brain. A fascinating journey into the mechanics of the human mind, My Stroke of Insight is both a valuable recovery guide for anyone touched by a brain injury, and an emotionally stirring testimony that deep internal peace truly is accessible to anyone, at any time.

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4. Kari Dahlgren, Healing & Happiness After Stroke

Kari Dahlgren is a medical writer in the stroke community who has published over 250 blog articles on the psychology of stroke recovery. In this book, the author writes how when a stroke survivor has been working on healing their brain since day one of rehab, but when results start to slow down or they start to feel stuck, an equally important part of recovery might go overlooked: Happiness. By harnessing the power of positive psychology, the book shows how you can boost self-esteem, overcome depression, break through plateaus, and find the motivation to achieve an amazing recovery. This inspiring self-help guide, complete with practical exercises and essential habits, provides a much needed pep-talk for every stroke survivor on their road to recovery. Based on scientific evidence, stories from stroke survivors, and years of self-help research, Healing and Happiness after Stroke has everything you need to get back on your feet and become a stronger version of yourself.

Available: in Amazon and other e-bookstores

5. Richard Senelick, MD “Living with Stroke

This is an amazing guide for “newcomers” in the world of stroke rehabilitation. There are collections of advice for adjusting the daily life of a stroke survivor, as well as for caregiving and rehabilitation. This publication is highly rated both among medical professionals and families of stroke survivors. We recommend this read to relatives in order to gain necessary information about stroke and stroke rehabilitation as well as to gain assistance with the changes that having a stroke survivor in the family bring about.

Available: in Amazon and other e-bookstores

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