“Vigo reaches its first customers” – Message from the Founder

Dear Reader,

On May 12th we launched the first public version of Vigo. Yay!! It took us around a year and a half, and even though that is considered a short time for launching a med tech product, sometimes it seemed like it was taking forever. Finally, Vigo is here and a limited number of first release users have already received their packages. Not going to lie, it feels a bit surreal.

This milestone is also a time to reflect and be grateful. Vigo’s story didn’t begin by founding a company. It started with a research project in acute stroke treatment in two large hospitals. Spending countless hours in these institutions, talking to stroke survivors, their relatives and families, doctors and other healthcare workers, I learned about the complexity and challenges of stroke treatment. It became clear that a new, more accessible solution was necessary. That is how Vigo came about.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the staff at Riga Stradins Clinical University hospital, especially to the Stroke Unit and the Scientific Institution, to the staff at Bispebjerg hospital’s Stroke Unit, my research partner Monika and the Latvian Society of Stroke Survivors “Vigor” (as you can see, they inspired us to choose our name). I also wanted to say thank you to everyone at Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen and Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management in Rotterdam. Without the education I had, I would not be innovating in healthcare and celebrating the launch of our first product.

But it’s not all roses. On May 14th, 2 days after the launch, my grandma was admitted to a hospital and diagnosed with a stroke. It was a big hit for me and my family. People often asked me if I had chosen this path because of personal reasons, and I always answered that spending 2 years with stroke survivors made it personal. However, now Vigo became personal to me to a greater extent. Whether it’s a circumstance, in a strange way my granny got lucky – she’ll get access to Vigo and will be able to receive treatment at home during this unsafe time. But there are many people out there who haven’t had this chance. Therefore we are working hard, even harder now, to make Vigo as accessible as possible to stroke survivors in Latvia and beyond.

I’m very thankful to my team that has endured uncertainty, constant change and everything else that comes with a startup life. A big thank you also goes to our partners – National Rehabilitation center “Vaivari” who we partnered with in therapy content development and LMT, our partners in technical support. Our path is still just at the beginning.


Kristaps Krafte

Founder and CEO

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