Vigo program includes:

Emotional Support

Vigo will help you overcome emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression and lack of motivation, employing cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

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Personalized Physiotherapy Plan

Vigo provides a personalized exercise plan, allowing to work around particular physical disorders and their severity. We have exercise sets to regain range of motion as well as strength trainings.

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Education about Stroke

Vigo helps you understand better what is a stroke and how to overcome its consequences. You will hear stories from other stroke survivors and receive valuable practical information.

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Recover your mind and emotions

Stroke causes both physical and mental disability. Life all of a sudden is turned upside down. Most commonly stroke patients experience lack of motivation, anxiety and depression. The universal method to help overcome these obstacles is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a type of therapy used and recognized by psychotherapists all over the world.

CBT is highly standardized, therefore it can be adapted to artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbots. All conversations are designed by certified psychologists, neuroscientists and storytellers.

Vigo also uses positive psychology and mindfulness to help recover faster and more effectively.


Regain your strength and range of motion

Focused on various muscle groups – for upper and lower limbs – and movement types, delivered through a highly personalized physiotherapy program prescribed by our doctors.

The sets and exercises are designed in collaboration with the largest medical rehabilitation, health, social care, education and scientific research institution in Latvia – NRC “Vaivari”.


intensity levels




Stay informed

Vigo operates as your personal rehabilitation therapist that guides you through your recovery process, providing essential information on life after stroke.

  • Information about stroke, rehabilitation process and available treatment options;
  • Guidance on what to expect during your recovery;
  • Tips on how to adjust your environment, such as the layout of your home;
  • Real life stories from other stroke survivors and their recovery paths;
  • Blog articles and many more stroke-related topics for patients.