Personal story from stroke survivor Līga: “I was given a second chance”.

Stroke is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide each year, and for Latvia with its less than 2 million population, 9000 people suffer from it every year and 30,000 people live with stroke after effects. Unfortunately the stroke recovery statistics in Latvia is below the EU average. Mainly it is due to insufficient resources and lack of guidance to receive proper, timely treatment.

Līga is a stroke survivor from Latvia who shares her story. She begins with how it started: “It happened suddenly. I was alone and felt dizzy. I couldn’t move. That’s when I knew it was serious”. She talks about the fear and uncertainty she felt right after, not knowing what is going to follow. “I was told I would have to live differently. I had difficulties balancing and walked as if I was drunk. Something so seemingly simple as walking step by step I just couldn’t do”. After the traumatic experience of a stroke, Līga claims how she had fears that the stroke would return. Luckily she received a great emotional support from her husband – something incredibly important for a stroke survivor.

Unlike other patients who receive rehabilitation services in inpatient or outpatient facilities, Liga used VIGO to assist her along the way during her recovery process. While her husband was away at work, she could use the program and exercise at home, making the most out of her time. When he would return home, he could get involved and do the exercises together with Līga.

To learn more about Līga’s recovery path, how she found the motivation to recover and won’t waste her second chance, as well as the challenges stroke survivors and medical staff face during COVID-19, watch the video below:


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