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Digital therapeutics, a subset of digital health, are evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage or treat a medical disorder or disease. Rehabilitation following a stroke, requires treatment by various services (physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological support). All these disciplines have been adapted to be accessible through a digital device.

No. Currently the Vigo program is only available on an iOS devices Apple brand tablets. 

The assistance of someone else is not required to use most of Vigo’s features.  However, a caregiver’s daily support and encouragement is recommended. Consultation with a specialist is only required to assess the progress being made within the patient’s recovery.

Taking into account that the rehabilitation process is unique for every individual, we can’t promise results in a set timeframe. Recovery time is contingent upon the time invested in the exercises, general level of health and psychological wellbeing. Therefore, we recommend that you ensure that the patient has a peaceful and healthy environment as well as motivation to complete the daily exercises.

All conversations with Vigo have been carefully developed by our specialist workers and psychologists. The main depression and anxiety treatment method is CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy), which is widely accepted and utilized across the world. We also make use of other methodologies which help to recover from depression specifically caused by a stroke, including positive psychology, and various exercises specifically tailored for stroke patients. This program can aid faster and more effective recovery for you or your loved one. 

Currently Vigo is only available in Latvian.

The Vigo program is currently only available on iOS iPad devices (Apple branded tablets).  It is essential to have an iOS 13.0 version or later operating system.

Yes, to use Vigo it is essential to have a reliable internet connection. The program is not stored on your device, to avoid filling up all the storage and memory capacity. All the required exercises are sent to you as necessary.

The program is designed for a single user. It is individually tailored to a specific patient’s needs and abilities. 

We are currently working on a dedicated section to allow caregivers to follow along with the recovery progress. Whilst it is being finalized, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the patient’s app and regularly discuss with them their daily improvement and wellbeing.

At the moment, the program is only available on iPad devices. The program is difficult to use on a smartphone, due to screen constraints. We are currently working to make the program available on a laptops.

Vigo offers a personalized physiotherapy program 7 days a week. It takes an average of 30 minutes a day to complete a standard physiotherapy program. In combination with other available therapies, we see that people spend on average 60 minutes a day with Vigo. 

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