Be amongst the first to try digital stroke recovery at no cost

Vigo is your stroke recovery guide, available any time, any place. The daily program is entirely personalised to your condition and goals.

How does it work?

Available to all stroke survivors regardless of when did the stroke occur


Fill in the application form and book a call with our specialist to check if Vigo is suitable for your post-stroke condition


Download Vigo Health app from App Store (accessible only on Apple iPads)


Sign in to your Vigo account and start the 90-day recovery program

What does Vigo recovery program include?

Personalized functional therapy videos for your specific needs

Simple, but effective exercises with accessible household items

Improve your speaking skills with cognitive and face muscle-specific exercises

Stay motivated and avoid anxiety with chatbot conversations based on CBT principles

Learn more about life after a stroke and the support available to you

Unwind with the inspirational experience stories from other stroke survivors

Vigo is classified as a Medical Device in European Union

Apply Now to start your recovery!

Frequently asked questions

For this trial, the 90-day program comes at no cost. In fact, using Vigo can save you up to 90 specialist visits.

You’ll need an Apple iPad and WiFi or mobile data connection.

Vigo is unfortunately not suitable for stroke survivors with psychiatric illnesses, alcohol and/or drug addiction, and any other significant co-morbidity that prevents the patient from actively participating in the rehabilitation process (e.g., severe arthritis)

Vigo originates from Europe and has been developed entirely by certified stroke clinicians.

The program is HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, and there is no third party overlooking your data.
Vigo will introduce you to new exercises every day. To complete the whole daily program, it should take you approximately 40 min to an hour.
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