Vigo is classified as a medical device in the European Union

Vigo is the solution!

Vigo app is ran by medical professionals, available to patients of any age, and allows to start recovery from stroke in a few days only. Our doctors will prescribe a personalized plan, based on each individual’s physical and emotional condition.

You don’t have to worry if your technological skills are not great – Vigo is simple and extremely easy to use!

Vigo program is currently available in Latvian!

Vigo program includes:

Emotional Support

Vigo will help you overcome emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression and lack of motivation, employing cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

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Personalized Physiotherapy Plan

Vigo provides a personalized exercise plan, allowing to work around particular physical disorders and their severity. We have exercise sets to regain range of motion as well as strength trainings.

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Education about Stroke

Vigo helps you understand better what is a stroke and how to overcome its consequences. You will hear stories of other stroke survivors and receive valuable practical information.

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Why choose Vigo?

Evidence-based Approach

Developed by the leading professionals in stroke rehabilitation, with ever-growing library of activities

Adapts to Your Performance Level

You don’t have to repeat your medical history as Vigo adapts after each time you use it, thus challenging you every single day.

Shows Your Progress Anytime

Vigo is a personal rehab therapist that gives you feedback, allows to track your progress easily and helps you stay motivated.

Engaging and Rewarding Experience

Conversational chatbot and gamification elements help you stay engaged with your rehabilitation

We collaborate with the leading medical institutions

Why choose digital therapy?

It is well known that in order to recover from stroke, a patient needs daily intensive rehabilitation for 6-18 months.

However, the rehabilitation services currently available are insufficient due to the lack of medical personnel and rehabilitation facilities. The Covid-19 pandemic has made rehabilitation even less accessible. It is clear that innovative solutions are needed.

Digital therapy allows to start your stroke recovery from anywhere at any time – city or countryside!

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