Vigo is classified as a medical device in the European Union

Why choose digital therapy?

It is well known that to recover to the full potential, a patient needs a daily intensive 6-18 months long rehabilitation.

Though the available rehabilitation services are insufficient, because of the lack of medical personnel and rehab facilities to accommodate this need. And the Covid-19 crisis has made the rehab even less accessible, and clearly shows the need for other solutions.

Digital therapy allows to continue recovery for everyone at any time and any place – city or countryside.

Vigo is the solution

Our app is available to everyone, and it allows to start the recovery program in a few days. Our doctors will prescribe a personalized plan, based on each patients individual physical and emotional condition.

It is simple, easy and quick!

Currently the program is available only in Latvian, yet we plan to launch English version in Fall 2020!

Vigo program includes:

Emotional Support

Vigo will help you to overcome such emotional obstacles as anxiety, lack of motivation and depression by employing CBT

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Personalized Physiotherapy Plan

Vigo provides a personalized exercise plan, allowing to work with particular physical disorders and their severity. We have exercise sets to regain range of motion as well as strength trainings

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Education about Stroke

Vigo helps to better understand what is a stroke and how to overcome its consequences. You will be able to hear stories of other peers' experiences and valuable practical information.

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What makes Vigo work?

Evidence-based Approach

Developed by the brightest professionals in stroke rehabilitation, with ever-growing library of activities

Adapts to Your Performance Level

Vigo adapts with each use, thus challenging you every single day

Follow Your Progress Anytime

Get feedback, see your improvements and stay motivated

Engaging and Rewarding Experience

Conversational chat and gamification helps to keep you up with the rehabilitation

We work with the brightest minds

What do our users have to say?

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