Digital Therapeutic for Stroke Recovery

Digital Therapeutic
for Stroke Recovery

Vigo is digital therapy for stroke recovery that provides highly personalised treatment on demand, through a software application

Stroke causes not only physical, but also emotional changes. Such as post stroke depression. This renders it nearly impossible to comply with rehabilitation programs

Vigo offers the most effective methods of physiotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy delivered through the application. It’s coupled with engaging and easy to use chatbot interface, progress tracking and gamification elements to increase patient motivation.

The rehabilitation program is created by employing the latest research and technology.

So, how can Vigo help?

Recovery tool

Provides evidence based techniques for faster recovery

Digital assistant

Talks to you
using chat interface

Your guide

Gives practical advice to help navigate various daily situations

CBT based

Uses cognitive behavioural
therapy based tools

We are currently conducting beta tests, therefore if you are interested in using the app and experiencing the benefits early, please contact us at info(at)

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Cover photo by Marisa Howenstine